Management Jobs in Manchester

 Have managerial experience? We can find you work!  




male factory worker using laptop computer inspecting quality rolls of galvanized or metal sheet rolls

Are you an experienced professional with a natural ability to lead, motivate and coordinate others? If so, On-Demand People can connect you with exciting supervisory and managerial roles across the transport and logistics industries. Our people-first approach as a temp agency in Manchester means we can tailor our job search to fit your schedule, with temporary work all the way up to permanent positions.

Our range of management jobs in Manchester and the wider UK include:


  • Logistics coordinators – As the backbone of any supply chain, experienced logistics coordinators are sought after in a plethora of industries to handle crucial tasks like scheduling shipments and planning deliveries.
  • Transport managers – As an overseer of the entire transport process, you will manage budgets, negotiate contracts with carriers, ensure compliance with regulations and analyse data to optimise efficiency.